Tara Sgroi


“Its hard to think of a time when I didn’t photograph” says Toronto born photographer/filmaker Tara Sgroi. “My camera has taken me places I may not have gone to, it's gotten me out of bed to photograph when i would have rathered to sleep in, its forced me to tell a story when there wasn't one, photography makes me look, it makes me take a long deep breath & watch. There’s beauty in everything.”

 “I’m happiest when I’m shooting & I feel completely invisible. I soak everything in; the people, the food, the colors, all the elements that create a story about whats happening in front of me.”

 Tara Sgroi resides in Manhattan & travels every chance she gets. She says it allows her to return to city with the same eyes she had the first time she visited New York City. 


Client List:

Waldorf Astoria, Bon Appetit, One Kings Lane, Taittinger Champagne, Bobbi Brown, Yahoo Beauty, Estee Lauder, Food 52, Peruvian Connection, Instyle Magazine, Cosmo Body, Lands End, Food & Wine, Holland America, Canon.