Tara Sgroi is a professional videographer and photographer based in Manhattan, New York City.  She provides effective content creation to businesses and corporations worldwide. Tara is known for her creative insights and her ability to get the right shot at the right time. “Its hard to think of a time when I didn’t photograph” says Toronto born photographer/filmaker Tara Sgroi. “My camera has taken me places I may not have gone to, it’s gotten me out of bed to photograph when i would have rathered to sleep in, its forced me to tell a story when there wasn’t one, photography makes me look, it makes me take a long deep breath & watch. There’s beauty in everything.” Contact Tara with any questions or to book her for your next creative media need.

Tara Sgroi

“I’m happiest when I’m shooting & I feel completely invisible. I soak everything in; the people, the food, the colors, all the elements that create a story about whats happening in front of me.”

Manhattan Location, Global Reach

Tara Sgroi resides in Manhattan & travels every chance she gets. She says it allows her to return to city with the same eyes she had the first time she visited New York City.

Film, Video & Photography Clients

Tara is proud to provide film, video and photography services to many prestigious clients including; Waldorf Astoria, Bon Appetit, One Kings Lane, Taittinger Champagne, Bobbi Brown, Yahoo Beauty, Estee Lauder, Food 52, Peruvian Connection, Instyle Magazine, Cosmo Body, Lands End, Food & Wine, Holland America, Canon.

Waldorf Astoria
Bobbi Brown
Peruvian Connection
Food & Wine
Bon Appetit
Yahoo Beauty
InStyle Magazine
Holland America
One Kings Lane
Estee Lauder
Cosmo Body
Taittinger Champagne
Food 52
Lands End

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